The most recent version of Burn-P3 is available for download by simply clicking on the link below.

Sample Data Set

The test files are essential to perform the Burn-P3 tutorial, provided in the software. They also serve as good examples while creating your own files.

Your computer must meet or exceed the following system requirements in order to install and use Burn-P3.

Requirement Minimum Recommended
Operating System* 64-bit Windows Vista 64-bit Windows 7/8/10
Software Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0,
64-bit Java 8.0 for Windows,
Prometheus 6.2.2
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5,
64-bit Java 8.0 for Windows,
Prometheus 6.2.2
Processors 4 cores 4 hyper-threading cores
RAM 6 GB 12 GB
Hard Drive 10 GB 500 GB

*32-bit operating systems are not supported.

Changes in Burn-P3 4.7:

New Features

  • ...

Bug Fixes

  • ...

Changes in Burn-P3 4.3

New Features

  • Increased performance: This version of Burn-P3 runs much faster than the last. In addition, the user now has some control on the degree of computer resources allocated to Burn-P3.
  • New fuels lookup table: Burn-P3 now uses the same FBP System fuels lookup table as Prometheus. Note that the colours have changed.
  • Landscape properties: A new window has been added to the Landscape component. This window lists information pertaining to the area (dimensions and location), the mean elevation, and the time zone.
  • Hours of burning per day: The user can now specify different number of hours of burning per day for each season.
Last Modified: 2017-01-25