Current Version

Burn-P3 for 64-bit Windows operating systems was released July 19, 2019.

Important Installation Instructions

  • Install Prometheus 6.2.4 and all associated software prerequistes on a 64-bit Windows computer that meets or exceeds minimum system requirements and perform a system restart.
  • Log on to your computer as a system administrator.
  • Uninstall any previous version of the Burn-P3 application from your computer.
  • Close all open applications and run BurnP3_6.2.4.01_2019-07-19_Francais [MSI - 7.45 MB]. A Setup Wizard will guide you through the installation.

Sample Data Set

Click the following link to download test files used in the Burn-P3 tutorial. These test files also serve as good examples when creating your own Burn-P3 data set.

Previous Releases

Changements dans Burn-P3 6.2.4

Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • Revised Process Control to provide more options to the user.
  • Revised grid communication with Prometheus to use smaller and faster TIF files.
  • Improved error handling for grass curing communication to Prometheus.
  • Added routines to support changes to data recovery from Prometheus. Several routines were changed to allow fire front information to be collected from any display time in the simulation.
  • Made changes to support API changes to green up in Prometheus.
  • Added Julian date management to season structures to support changes to green up.
  • Added ISI threshold to burn conditions.
  • Added decimal place control for raw output tables. Currently hard-coded, could be added to user interface if required.
  • Refinements to projection file handling and projection information propagation.
  • Show TIF file extensions on file loading dialog boxes where appropriate.

Correction de bugs

  • Fixed bug associated with executing simulations beyond the end of a calendar year.
  • Fixed bug on fuel lookup table file load title.
  • Fixed bug which prevented changes to the season median dates in the dictionary.

Voici la configuration matérielle et logicielle requise au fonctionnement de Burn-P3.

Requirement Minimum Recommandé
Système d'exploitations* Version 64 bits de Windows 7 Version 64 bits de Windows 10
Logiciels Prometheus Version 6.2.4 Version 6.2.4
Logiciels Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
Visual C++ 2017 Redistribuable (x64)
.NET Framework 4.7
Visual C++ 2017 Redistribuable (x64)
Logiciels Oracle Version 8 de Java 64 bits pour Windows
(Update 151)
Version 8 de Java 64 bits pour Windows
(Update 191)
Logiciels Intel® 2019 C++ Bibliothèque Redistribuable pour Windows (x64)
(Version initiale: 19.0.117)
2019 C++ Bibliothèque Redistribuable pour Windows (x64)
(Update 1: 19.1.144)
Processeur 4 coeurs 4 coeurs multifils
Mémoire vive (RAM) 6 Go 12 Go
Espace disque disponible 10 Go 500 Go

*les systèmes d’exploitation de 32 bit ne sont plus supportés.