COM Overview

COM (Common Object Model) is Microsoft Windows programming standard that allows object-oriented COM components (Dynamic Link Libraries) to be re-used in different software applications and languages without sharing source code. Prometheus uses this component-based software architecture. The important principles of COM include:

Prometheus is engineered using five separate COMs. These COMs are called the low-level interfaces and include:

To facilitate the use of these low-level interfaces, an umbrella or wrapper COM was developed. This high-level interface is called PrometheusCOM. It provides a more user-friendly interface for programmers to communicate with the low level COMs. A PrometheusCOM Programmer's Manual is available on the Documentation page. Examples of software applications that integrate PrometheusCOM components include Burn-P3, Pandora, Pegasus, and SFMS.

Last Modified: March 16, 2011