Developer Testing

A developer test data set is used by the Prometheus software engineer to ensure new releases of the application consistently produce standard and accurate outputs. The data set consists of 486 different FGM files. Each FGM file represents a fire environment with unique slope, aspect and wind direction variables. Outputs for each of the fire environments were validated using independent models. The Canadian Forest Service (CFS) also provided 20 test data sets for the CFFDRS FBP code. The CFS data sets are used to validate FBP Calculator outputs in the Prometheus application.

The developer test data set consists of the following:

Each release is tested against a subset of 36 different fire environments. A program was written to generate different combinations of 36 fire environments based on the compulsory and random draws for slope, aspect, and wind direction. The following table is an example of a generated subset used to test the Prometheus application:

Developer Test Data Set

Last Modified: March 16, 2011