Pandora 3.6 was released on October 4, 2017. Pandora parameter files from previous versions may not work with version 3.6. Check the help file for details.

Important Installation Instructions

  • The Prometheus COM must be installed in order for Pandora to run. Note that the Prometheus COM is not the same as the Prometheus application, though it is installed at the same time.

Your computer must meet or exceed the system requirements for Prometheus in order to install and use Pandora. See under "Requirements" on the Prometheus software page.

Changes in Pandora 3.6

New Features

  • Pandora is 64-bit and runs with Prometheus 6.2. Due to changes in the Prometheus COM, this version of Pandora will not run with any other version of Prometheus.
  • Some parameter file specifications have changed since the previous version of Pandora. See below and in the help file for details.
  • Ignition locations can now be specified by latitude and longitude in the parameters file. The old Ign_X and Ign_Y keywords have been replaced with Ign_Lon and Ign_Lat.
  • The breaching option has been added; acceleration and buildup effect options have been removed.
  • March 14, 2018: A bug affecting fuel patches and grass curing has been fixed. Previously Pandora was not correctly identifying the fuel types for these functions.